How to download Netflix videos on Android/iPhone [Tip]

If you enjoy watching videos on your mobile phone, downloading Netflix videos on your Android or iPhone is something you might love to do. The ability to download favorite shows or other programs of interest is a huge relief for people, especially those with limited mobile data. Now, with the availability of the Netflix app, you can easily download and manage Netflix videos on your Android or iPhone.

Steps to Download Netflix Videos

The first step in downloading Netflix videos to your Android or iPhone is the installation of the Netflix app. Netflix has confirmed that the option to download Netflix videos on your Android or iPhone works well on Android devices running on version 4.4.2 and above and on iOS running 8.0 and above.

Update the Netflix App

After you have downloaded the app to your Android or iPhone, you may need to update the Netflix app. Once you have the latest version of the Netflix app, you can see the download link. The latest app shows you all the movies and shows that you can download from Netflix.

Download Movies and Videos

Before downloading any movies or videos, make sure you have an uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection so that your download does not stop in the middle. Downloading movies and videos to your Android or iPhone is as easy as tapping on what you want to see. When you tap on the download link near the specific movie or video you want to download, it will start downloading.

Selecting Video Quality

You can also specify the quality of videos to download by going to the app settings. You can choose either of the options, standard or high-quality video. Remember if you choose the high quality video option, it will take more time to download and your Smartphone will need more storage space to store the movie or video downloaded.

Manage Downloading Netflix Videos on Your Android or iPhone

You can easily manage the videos and movies downloaded through the Netflix app. For this, go to the Netflix app, slide the menu drawer and tap on the “My Downloads” option. There, you will see the shows that are grouped to download. It will display information like the amount of storage required for each show or movie in your Smartphone.

Storage Size

Another advantage of the Netflix app is that it can store movie downloads of the same size as the storage space available in your Smartphone. That means, if your Smartphone has 128 GB of storage space, you can download movies and videos of size 128 GB.

Deleting Specific Movies

If you want to delete any specific movie or video from My Downloads, just tap on the movie or show and you can see a delete icon. Click on the delete icon to delete the movie or video you don’t wish to see anymore. You can delete all videos at the same time also.


It was after a long wait that Netflix came up with an app with the option to download Netflix videos on your Android or iPhone. By following the steps given above, you can easily download your favorite movies and videos from Netflix to your Android or iPhone.

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