How to access router if you forget your password [Tip]

We use routers so that we can access Wi-Fi internet connections and connect devices using the Wi-Fi password. But, what happens if you forget the password of the router and do not know how to access your router? Do you know how to reset the forgotten password of the router so that you can access it again? Let’s see how to access your router when you have forgotten the password.

Steps to Access Your Router Using the Default Username and Password

Before you reset the router after forgetting the password, the best option is to try using the default username and password. You can find the default password in the accompanying manual, on the router sticker or by just guessing commonly used ones.

Manual: Go through the manual to see if there is any detail given about the default username and password. Even if you have lost the manual, you can find it online by searching for your router’s model number.

Sticker: Some routers have a sticker that contains the default username and password details printed on it. So if you’re lucky, you can get the default username and password of your router that will help you to access your router.

Common Passwords: Another way to try your luck is by using a common set of username and password combinations and see if it works. If you are able to login then your problem is solved. If not, you will have to try other options.

Steps to Access Your Router by Resetting the Router

The next option to access your router after forgetting the password is to reset the router to factory condition. When done, it will reset everything and your router will be in a condition similar to the one it was when taken out of the box. Now, using the default username and password, you can access your router. Every router has a reset button at the back. So, go through the manual and find out where the reset button is and then reset the router. You will have to press the reset button for a few seconds for the router to reset. Now, log into the router using the default username and password and make the changes in the setting so that you can use it.

Forward Port the Router Easily

If you are looking to forward port the router, then you don’t need to know the password to access your router. Routers work on the principle of plug and play. This means the programs from your computer will ask the router to open ports so that they can connect. If the plug and play option is enabled in your router, it will open the port for you automatically. The advantage of this feature is that the programs that support this feature have their settings near to port configurations.  So, you can easily forward port without digging in much.


Forgetting the router password is a common problem faced by people all around the world. So, next time when you forget the password of your router do not panic, try the options given above to access your router and you should be back in business in no time.

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