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How to host own FTP server on Windows with FileZilla [Tip]

[1]Would you like to host your own FTP server on Windows? With the help of FileZilla, it is possible to host your own FTP server on a Windows machine. Let’s see the steps to setup a FTP server using FileZilla.

Having a  FTP server on Windows is really important as it helps you to transfer files and folders easily between computers. You can easily map an FTP server across multiple computers so that people can access files and folders with the help of the internet. Here we will see how to set up your own  FTP server.

Steps to Host Your Own FTP Server on Windows with FileZilla

Secure Your FTP Server on Windows

You need to make sure your antivirus software or firewall allows the port you’re using for the FTP server on Windows. That’s it. You have now successfully hosted a FTP server on Windows using FileZilla and you and your co-workers and others can share files and keep updated on what everyone is doing.