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WinSorter: Easily transform, manipulate, and sort text in any program where text is editable

[1]When using a word processor – such as Microsoft Word – there are features available that allow users to transform, manipulate, and sort text such invert text case, sort ascending, and sort descending. However, what if you aren’t using a full blown word processor, or what if the word processor you are using has limited functionality in regards to manipulating text; what do you do then? Do you throw yours hands up in defeat? No! Do you cry like a baby? No! Do you call mommy and ask for help? No! (Mom, if you are reading this, you are exception to the rule. If you aren’t reading this, then I can safely say there are many things I would ask for your help in, but computers isn’t one of them.) Rather, you should give WinSorter a try.

Image Credit: katerha [2]

What is WinSorter?

WinSorter is a lightweight, portable application written using AutoHotkey. It allows users to transform, manipulate, and sort text in the following ways:

WinSorter works with all programs where text is editable; this includes text boxes in browsers, Notepad, Wordpad, Microsoft Word, or any other text editor.

Using WinSorter

Using WinSorter is as simple as highlighting text, right-click on WinSorter’s system tray icon, and selecting how you want to change the text:


Once you select an option from WinSorter, the text you highlighted is changed according to whatever you selected. (The actual text is modified – a copy isn’t made.) Furthermore, the changed text is copied to your clipboard…


…and you have paste it anywhere you like.


There isn’t really much to say about performance except that it works as advertised. It should be mentioned, though, WinSorter is designed to be program-independent. In other words, it should work with all programs where text is editable. However, I did not test it with all programs where text is editable because, well, I don’t have all programs where text is editable. If you find a program where WinSorter does not work, be sure to 1) Let us know in the comments [5] below and 2) Let the developer know so he/she can address the issue.

Computer Impact

WinSorter is one of those programs that users will potentially have on all the time. So it is essential to see if it is a resource hog or not. Luckily, WinSorter is not. It uses only about 3 MB of RAM. CPU usage while the program is idle sitting in your system tray is little to none. When you use WinSorter, of course, it uses CPU but CPU usage is not too high then either: In the ‘teens when you right-click to open the selection menu and under 5% when you pick an option.

Areas of Improvement

There are three areas where I feel WinSorter can be improved:

Conclusion and download links

While WinSorter may not be attractive to everyone, it definitely is a useful tool for those that can make use of it. (Some more redundant wording…) You can grab WinSorter from the following links:

Version reviewed: v1.6.0.7

Supported OS: All Windows

Download size: 201 KB

Malware scan: VirusTotal scan (1/42) [6]

WinSorter homepage [7] [direct download [8]]

[via gHacks [9]]