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[Ask dotTechies] Favorite Windows tips or tricks?

Lately I have been posting a few articles here and there on short tips and/or tricks, such as opening links in new tabs with the scroll wheel [1]. A dotTechie, Damon, came up with a great idea: Why not have dotTechies share their favorite tips or tricks, allowing the rest of us to learn new things and potentially brainstorm some ideas for more articles.

So, let it rip — please share your favorite tips or tricks in the comments [2] below. These tips and/or tricks can be as simple as a keyboard shortcut to get something done or as complex as modifying the settings of some program. Really this thread is for sharing whatever you want to share. (Note: Your favorites need not be something dotTech has posted about in the past — you can post about any tips and/or tricks you learned from any source.) Don’t be embarrassed to share your tip(s) or trick(s) thinking they are too simply and everybody must know them; many people, including myself, don’t know many seemingly simple tips and tricks and would appreciate anyone that educates us.

Let’s see what dotTechies can think of.