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Get 50 GB of cloud storage space on Box.net for free! [Android device, HP Touchpad, or BlackBerry Playbook required]

[1]Cloud storage industry is extremely competitive with very low barriers to entry. Really almost anyone can rent a server and start their own cloud storage company, if they wish. Because of this highly competitive nature, various cloud storage businesses are running promotions to get consumers hooked onto their service. Box – formerly known as Box.net and one of leading cloud storage providers – gives everyone who signs up for their service 5 GB of free cloud storage, with the option to purchase more space for anyone that needs it. Recently Box has introduced a promotion that allows people to get an extra 50 GB of cloud storage without paying a dime. That is to stay a total of 55 GB of cloud storage for free. Update: The 50 GB replaces the 5 GB you already have. In other words, you get a total of 50 GB — not 55 GB.

This promotion for extra 50 GB free cloud storage is open to everyone that has a Box Personal account and owns an Android device, HP Touchpad, or BlackBerry Playbook. Sorry iOS device (iPhone/iPad) owners — the Box 50 GB promotion for iOS has already ended and is no longer available. Box Personal accounts are the free accounts that anyone can signup for via Box’s website. (Note: Box Personal accounts normally have a file size limit of 25 MB. However, anyone that takes part in this 50 GB promotion gets that file size limit increased to 100 MB.) The cool thing about this promotion is while, yes, you must have an Android device, HP Touchpad, or BlackBerry Playbook to get the free 50 GB, once you get the free 50 GB it is yours for life and can be used in anyway and from any platform that you wish — so you aren’t restricted to only using it on your mobile device.

This promotion is time-limited, so if you want the free 50 GB you need to act moderately quickly. When this promotion ends depends on the type of mobile device you have:

That said, to get the free 50 GB from Box, do the following:


 …and the storage limit on your free Box Personal account will automatically be increased from 5 GB to 50 GB. (The accompanying file size limit bump to 100 MB is part of the storage space increase package.)

If you have trouble getting 50 GB of free cloud storage from Box.net, post below and other dotTechies or I will try to help.

[Thanks PC basics [7]!]