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Free Investintech’s Sonic PDF Creator (v3.0)! [Limited time offer]


Software Description

The following is a description of Sonic PDF Creator, as per the developer:

Create professional looking and secure PDF documents from hundreds of Windows applications. A simple to use interface with value added features you’ll need, like batch conversion, watermarking, PDF merging and splitting & more.

  • Edit and save PDF documents
  • PDF to Text extraction capabilities
  • Split and merge PDF files
  • Attach a PDF into an active document
  • Add bookmarks and watermarks
  • Batch create PDF files from a variety of formats
  • Stamp text and image on the active PDF document
  • A variety of PDF compression options are available
  • Set passwords to secure your PDF
  • Insert and delete pages from your PDF file

dotTech Advice

Sonic PDF Creator is a program that falls between basic PDF printers (like CutePDF or Bullzip PDF) and advanced PDF editing suites (like Nitro PDF Pro or Adobe Acrobat Pro). With Sonic PDF Creator you can create PDFs (Sonic PDF Creator installs a virtual PDF printer which you can use to create PDFs got of any program has the ability to print — it uses Ghostscript) and edit PDFs. When creating PDFs, Sonic PDF Creator comes with all the features we would expect in a shareware program, such as the ability to encrypt/password protect PDFs, compress PDFs, watermark PDFs, etc. When editing PDFs, Sonic PDF Creator allows users to merge pages, rotate pages, crop pages, watermark pages, add/remove password, resize pages, extract pages, merge PDFs, add files to PDFs, create bookmarks in PDF, etc. Essentially the editing capabilities of Sonic PDF Creator falls short of being a full-blown PDF editor. For example, there is no way to edit text or annotate. So the best way I can describe Sonic PDF Creator is it is a PDF creator with PDF manipulation capabilities.

That said, I was extremely disappointed in Sonic PDF Creator. On paper it looks like a good, niche program for those that want the ability to create and manipulate PDFs but don’t want to pay the extra dime for a full blown PDF editor. In performance I find it lacking. Admittedly I didn’t do a full review on the program so my verdict isn’t final in the least. However, from the little time I did spend with it, I definitely won’t be recommending Sonic PDF Creator to anyone. Why, you ask? Three reasons (that I have found so far):

You are welcome to give Sonic PDF Creator a shot yourself — you may have a better experience. However, based on my quick review I won’t be recommending it to anyone.

Freebie Details

This freebie is a bit unorthodox. You see Investintech recently released Sonic PDF Creator v3.0. To celebrate, for a limited time (no mention on when this promotion will end) Investintech is giving away free license of Sonic PDF Creator v3.0. (There is no information if you can install/reinstall at later dates, but I believe you should be able to.) The catch is the giveaway process is not automated — you have to send an e-mail to Investintech and wait for them to respond with a license code. I know this is an annoying way to get a freebie and I typically avoid posting about these types of giveaways because they could be scams; however, I’m posting about this giveaway because I can confirm it is legit — I got my license code 22 minutes after I sent my e-mail.

That said, to get Sonic PDF Creator (v3.0) for free, do the following:

Version being given out for free: v3.0

Free updates: Unknown

Free technical support: Unknown

Supported OS: Windows 98, ME, Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007

P.S. That is the weirdest list of supported OS I have ever seen — where is Vista and Win7?

Note: Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher is required

Download size: 14.3 MB




There is no confirmation message telling you of successful registration. You can tell you have successfully registered Sonic PDF Creator by going to Help and seeing if Buy Now… is grayed out or not. If it is grayed out, you registered successfully. If it isn’t, you need to try again.

If you have trouble getting Sonic PDF Creator for free, post below and other dotTechies or I will try to help.

[Thanks william_of_palerne [6]!]