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Free Innovative Solutions’ Advanced Uninstaller PRO!

[1]Software Description

The following is a description of Advanced Uninstaller PRO, as per the developer:

Advanced Uninstaller PRO has a lot of features which help you really take charge of the inner workings of your computer and control what’s going on inside the delicate software architecture of your PC:

  • Uninstall programs quickly and completely, with full disk and registry clean-up to remove leftovers. Way better than the standard Windows uninstaller!
  • Installation monitor. Examine all the items an application has installed on your PC, and make 101% sure all of them were removed.
  • Startup Manager – manages all Windows startup areas. Fully control what gets started when you turn on your PC.
  • Windows Services – control the services (background processes) that are run by Windows.
  • Quick Cleaner – erase the web browsing history and the history traces of over 200 programs. Don’t let other people who use your computer find out which web sites you visit! Keep your secrets secret!
  • Start Menu Cleaner – fully clean-up your Start Menu, eliminate all the shortcuts that don’t work anymore.
  • Start Menu Items Manager – show and hide start menu items, sort them alphabetically, etc.
  • Font Manager – manage the fonts on your computer, disable or uninstall the fonts you don’t need.
  • Control Panel Manager – full control over the items in your Control Panel. Disable broken items, etc.
  • Duplicate Files – find and delete all your duplicate files, saving a lot of disk space!
  • Live File Compression – harness the powerful and safe file compression built into Windows. Compress rarely used files in such a way that you can still use them normally, but you save disk space.
  • File Shredder – completely overwrites and destroys the files you want to be destroyed, so nobody can recover them. Not the CIA and not your enemies!
  • Windows Temporary Files – recover lots of disk space by finding and deleting garbage files.
  • Full web browser management of cookies, history, add-ons, extensions, plugins, temporary cache files for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome – up to date for the latest versions!
  • Registry Cleaner – to remove errors and to make Windows lighter.
  • Registry Optimizer – help Windows and the programs run faster by speeding up registry accesses.
  • Registry Backup and Restore – to avoid disaster where the Windows Registry gets hosed.
  • Reports and information about almost anything on your computer.
  • A helpful Online User Community. Our users give safety ratings to programs and other items, comment on them, etc – so you can get recommendations about them!
  • Full integrated help – just press F1 to see complete, detailed information about each tool in the program.

dotTech Advice

Advanced Uninstaller PRO can be best described as RevoUninstaller + Comodo Programs Manager [2] + CCleaner in one package. Like RevoUninstaller, Advanced Uninstaller PRO has the ability to cleanly uninstaller programs by scanning for leftover files, folders, and registry entries. Like Comodo Programs Manager, Advanced Uninstaller PRO has the ability to monitor installations and record changes made to the computer, providing the ability to undo all those changes during installation. Like CCleaner Advanced Uninstaller PRO has the ability to clean junk files and clean the registry. In addition to all that it has other useful tools, too, like a secure file deleter (aka what Eraser does) and a startup manager (aka what WinPatrol [3] or Autoruns [4] can do).

Overall, Advanced Uninstaller PRO is a good program because it provides multiple tools in one package, all of which perform decently. However, if you want the best performance, I’d suggest you go with specialized software. For example, for installation monitoring Advanced Uninstaller PRO force users to wait while it scans your computer before and after a program installation; Comodo Programs Manager does not — it is a lot more seamless; Advanced Unisntaller PRO only supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome – no Opera – when cleaning Internet traces whereas CCleaner supports all four major browsers; the secure file deleter has limited selection in types of secure deletions algorithm with a maximum of 7 repetitions — Eraser offers more flexibility plus the ability to go portable; the startup manager doesn’t allow users to delay startup programs/processes, such as what WinPatrol does; etc. Really the highlight of Advanced Uninstaller PRO is its clean uninstalling capabilitie but then the question is why use Advanced Uninstaller PRO when we all know RevoUninstaller is safe and works well? The only reason I can think of is RevoUninstaller Free not fully supporting 64-bit and you not wanting to fork up the money for RevoUninstaller PRO.

Feel free to grab Advanced Uninstaller PRO if you want it. It is, after all, a good program. Personally speaking, however, I’ll stick to the alternative software mentioned above and you should consider doing the same.

Freebie Details

Advanced Uninstaller PRO is being given away by Innovative Solutions themselves [5]. It appears that Advanced Uninstaller PRO is now a permanent freebie — there is no information mentioned about this being a time-limited giveaway only. As such, you should be able to install/reinstall at any time in the future.

To get Advanced Uninstaller PRO for free, do the following:

Version being given away: v10.6

Free updates: Unknown

Free technical support: Unknown

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Download size: 17.9 MB

If you have trouble getting Advanced Uninstaller PRO for free, post below and other dotTechies or I will try to help.

[Thanks Jeanjean [7]!]