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Get one full year of hosting + domain for only $9.24 at Dreamhost

I actually have known about this for a few days now but I resisted in posting about it because Dreamhost [1] is not what I would call a top class host. However, I came to the conclusion that less then $10, someone who wants to run a simple blog or website may want to jump on this offer.

What this hosting package, you get the following features:

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It is shared web hosting and the list is the typical “unlimited everything”. But as I explained in my list of good/bad web hosts [3] “unlimited everything” are just marketing ploys to trick the people who are new in the website market into thinking they are getting something special. However, for less then 10 bucks for one year, regardless of any marketing play, this is hard to beat – even if Dreamhost [1] is not the best around. While I would never pay the normal $5.95 a month for Dreamhost [1], for less then $10 a year, this is a steal. If you have been thinking about making your own website, or are looking for hosting, seriously consider this offer.

To attain this offer, visit Dreamhost.com [1] and sign up for their “Yearly” plan. Be sure to enter¬† “777” without the quotes in the promo code box. Make sure to check that your final price is $9.24 before actually paying. Also you may want to use paypal because some people report Dreamhost [1] charges them without authorization sometimes. If you have any problems, contact Dreamhost [1] support telling them that you are trying to purchase the Valentine special.