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“Ashraf where are you?”

I understand that quite a few people have come to depend on dotTech.org reviews in order to decide if they should download the day’s giveaway or not. The thing is I work on Fridays and sometimes I don’t have time to publish a review early in the day (the only reason I am able to post this right now is because I am waiting for a computer backup to finish). However I promise that a review will be published; it will just be later in the day.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for understanding. :)

As for today’s giveawy of NetStat: I did have a chance to check it out and I can tell you it is a good program. Download it while you can; if you don’t get to download it don’t worry – the program does not really provide much/any unique features that you can’t find other places. I will explain more later when I write my review.

P.S. How many people would be interested if I started using Twitter to inform people of my “review status”?