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Master Janken robot beats all humans in Rock, Paper, Scissors

Though Rock, Paper, Scissors might sound childish to many, in Japan it has just the same importance as tossing a coin in the US has in regards to making decisions. So, in Japan, having a Rock, Paper, Scissors master robot on your side could really help you in life. So it isn’t very surprising (ha-ha) the Japanese have done just that.

Japanese researchers working at the Ishikawa Oku Lab in the University of Tokyo have developed a robot, dubbed “human-machine cooperation system”, that can beat any human player at Rock, Paper, Scissors thanks to fast manipulating powers.

When it comes down to it, the robot doesn’t have any sort of advanced Artificial Intelligence nor is it very smart; it actually wins by cheating. The robot has three mechanical fingers. A high-speed camera attached to the robot captures the move made by the human opponent and takes only a fraction of a second to decide the counter move to win over its human opponent. Normal human eyes cannot really find out the cheating done by the robot. The robot wins 100% of all the games it plays, and rather doesn’t co-operate with ‘humans’, opposed to what its name says. Witness it for yourself in the video below.

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