Google is working on a better filter for Youtube comments

Amid all the commotions and applauses for all the new products and services which Google had brought out during the Google I/O developer meet, a small but significant information about plans of Google regarding Youtube have been revealed.

Over many years, Youtube has turned out to be a website with many of the worst comments on the Internet. Catagorizable to many sections, there have been tons of racist, non-mature, hate, naive, and insensitive comments on millions of Youtube videos. Some perverts have even found Youtube a safe haven to shell out their anger or stupidity without staking their “personality” in the public.

In the Question & Answers section of the Youtube developers session during Google I/O, when asked by one among the audience how he can keep his Youtube videos safe from insensibly negative comments, a Youtube boss revealed Google is working on something new for Youtube comments:

Dror Shimshowitz, a YouTube “head of product,” replied that “comments are kind of the Wild West of video” and can be turned off. But Google doesn’t like it when people do that, he said, because it cuts off the community. So the company is working on fixing the system.

“We’re working on some improvements to the comment system, so hopefully we’ll have an update on that in the next few months,” Shimshowitz said.

Youtube doesn’t require users to use their real identity for their accounts and easily allows users to create fake handles which help the ‘bad guys’ make ‘bad comments’ which often go unmoderated and have a negative impact on the video. There have been many suggestions from different sections of the Internet on how Youtube could fight against such comments. One of the most famous suggestions is that Youtube should get integrated to the Google+ profile of the user so that it disables the easiness of creation and use of fake handles for the Youtube commenters. It might also reduce the degree of racist and insensitive comments as most would try to play safe when they have their real identity at stake.

Another suggestion is that Youtube should introduce something similar to the “karma”, which gives users certain reputation depending upon their activity and the users would get negative impact on their reputation when they make any racist or perverted comments.

Hoping that Google would chip in with a feasible solution to the ‘Youtube comment worries’, we are waiting to hear from you on the topic in the comments below.

[via Wired]

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