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Windows 8 Pro upgrades to cost $39.99 for Windows XP and above

[1]Microsoft knows that Windows 8 will be a hard push, and they’re gearing up for it already. The day Windows 8 is released, the Pro version will be available for only US$39.99 in over 130 markets for people currently running Windows XP and above.

$39.99 will get you a digital download, along with an upgrade assistant and a free copy of Windows Media Center. The upgrade assistant will inform you of any application or hardware incompatibilities before you upgrade, allowing you to research new hardware or software required. Note that only Windows Vista and Windows 7 users will be eligible for direct upgrades, and that Windows XP users will have to start anew, keeping none of their previous settings.

This promotion, which includes $39.99 for a digital download and $69.99 for a disc bought in a store, ends January 31, 2013; so you have quite some time to make your decision to jump on the bandwagon or not.

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