A highschool student makes $15,000 a month thanks to Twitter

I’m sure many people already know about how many celebrities make $$$ by sending out ‘sponsored tweets’ aka ads to their Twitter followers. Well the greenbacks aren’t only for celebrities. According to The Daily Dot, Jon King, an 18 year old highschool student who will start his senior year soon, makes $500 a day thanks to sponsored tweets.

Jon King has six Twitter accounts. The combined total followers across King’s six accounts comes out to be north of one million. King is also a ChaCha affiliate. Through his ChaCha affiliate account, King gets sponsored tweets which he passes on to his Twitter followers. As people click on the links in the tweets, King makes money. A lot of money.

It isn’t as easy as it sounds, however. King says he spends two hours each night coming up with ten tweets for each of his Twitter accounts which he sends out the next day. Out of these ten, King uses three original tweets while the remaining are recycled tweets, stuff King found posted on the Internet, or submissions by his followers. These ten daily tweets presumably keep his followers interested which then allows King to randomly send sponsored tweets.

What I find interesting about this whole story, assuming it is true, is how easily King seems to be able to attain followers. And not just followers but followers who click on his sponsored links. After changing the name of one of his accounts, King lost 25,000 followers. His response? “It’s typical. I can gain it right back.” !

I don’t know about everyone else but to me this whole story is a bit suspicious. If it is so easy to gain Twitter followers and it is so easy to get them to click on your links then everybody would be doing it and making bank. There must be something else behind this story. Maybe Jon King is the Shakespeare of tweets. Who knows. I just wish I could make $500 for two hours of effort. Yes, I’m jealous.

[via The Daily Dot | Image credit: Images_of_money]

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