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Windows 8 Store details revealed: Apps priced between $1.49-$999.99, Microsoft takes 20-30% cut


In the ‘Post-PC era’ an app store is a given on any platform that wants to succeed. So it isn’t very surprising that Windows 8 [2] will have its own ‘Windows Store [3]‘ which will feature Windows software. To date, however, there haven’t been very much details on exactly how Windows Store for Windows 8 will operate. We still don’t have all the concrete details but thanks to a blog post by Microsoft [4], we do have better insight on the pricing structure of Windows Store.

Software featured in Windows Store can either be free or priced as low as US$1.49 and as high as US$999.99. (Yes, there is no US$0.99 price point for Windows Store.) If a developer doesn’t want to charge an up-front cost for their app, developers are given the option to display advertisements inside apps (any ad network is supported that gets certified for Windows 8) and/or utilize in-app purchases. Keeping with the shareware tradition, Windows Store will also support seven-day trial apps.

Initially Microsoft will take a 30% cut of all Windows Store and in-app purchase sales but if an app reaches US$25,000 sales or more then Microsoft will drop that cut to 20%.

If a developer wants to run purchases through their own servers, they can do that but Microsoft will still take a cut of all Windows Store and in-app purchase sales. If a developer wants to avoid the Windows Store altogether, they can do that; Microsoft allows for distribution of software through non-Microsoft channels. However, all Metro apps must be distributed through Windows Store.

So… who’s excited for Windows 8?

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