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Microsoft Windows RT Surface tablet will be sold for $199, according to a rumor


We know Windows 8 [2], Windows RT [3], and Microsoft Surface tablets [4] will be released on October 26 [5]. What has been eluding us is pricing for the Surface tabs, and pricing is critical to the success of these tabs. With the Nexus 7 [6] and Kindle Fire [7] dominating the sub-$200 market and the iPad [8] dominating the $500 real estate, the right price can make Surface while the wrong price can break Surface. We still have no hint about the pricing on Windows 8 Pro [9] Surface tablet, aside from being told it will be priced like an ultrabook, but a new rumor has emerged about how much the Windows RT Surface tablet will be sold for: $199.

Quoting an “inside source” from Microsoft [10]‘s TechReady15 conference, Engadget is reporting the Windows RT version of Surface tablet will be sold at a starting price point of $199. It isn’t entirely clear if there will be different versions of tablet which will cost more, such as how the Nexus 7 8GB is $199 while the 16GB version if $249 or WiFi-only and 3G/4G versions, but a starting point of $199 is extremely juicy. Seeing as the Windows RT Surface tablet is a 10 incher, it will likely shake up the market — where the $200 price level is left squarely for 7 inch tablets — if indeed this rumor turns out to be true. I don’t know about anyone else but I can say this much. I wasn’t initially too interested in Windows RT but for $199, this is the first tablet I will purchase. How about you? Let us know in the comments [11] below.

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