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Microsoft and Nokia announce Windows Phone 8 event for September 5


Microsoft [2] announced Windows Phone 8 in June and previewed many of the enhancements added to new mobile OS. Nokia, being the premier Windows Phone [3] maker, is set to co-host a press conference on Sept. 5 in New York where Windows Phone 8 and the next generation Nokia Lumia handset will be announced. The timing of the event coincides with earlier rumors and shows that the two companies want to get out of the gate before the behemoth that is Apple’s iPhone 5 [4] is released later next month.


While little is known about aesthetic changes to the Lumia 900’s outer shell, we have been given some info about the upgraded internals. Windows Phone 8 now supports dual-core processors and it has been confirmed that the speedy dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus that powers the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3 will be used in the Lumia 900 along with a 4G LTE radio. Also to be included should be a 1280×720 resolution HD display and NFC that the new OS supports.


The major changes, however, will be in the software of Windows Phone 8 where the homescreen has been redesigned to allow easier customization. The underlying kernel and source code has also been majorly overhauled and is based on the same core as Windows 8, sharing the same file system, browser technology, and security.

The following is a demo of Windows Phone 8’s new homescreen:

Are you looking forward to Windows Phone 8 and the next Nokia Lumia handset? Do you think they have what it takes to take on the iPhone [7] and flagship Android [8] handsets? Let us know in the comments [9] below!

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