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How to download and install Flash on Android (now that it is gone from Play Store)


Adobe Flash’s development on Android has been terminated [2] and new downloads have been frozen [3] from Google Play Store [4]. For the most part, most people won’t miss Flash, especially seeing as how the web is moving to HTML5. However, there are definitely holdouts who still insist on downloading Flash for their Android devices. This article shows you how to grab Adobe Flash Player for Android after it is gone from Google Play Store.

Before We Begin

Please realize two things. Firstly, Adobe is no longer support Flash for Android [5]. That means it won’t get stability updates, security updates, etc. If you have issues with Flash, then too bad — Adobe isn’t going to fix it. Secondly, even while Adobe was supporting Flash for Android, it was a hit or miss. On some devices it would work well, on some devices it wouldn’t. Downloading Flash after Adobe stopped supporting won’t make it magically work with all devices and all browsers.

My personal opinion is that you don’t need Flash on Android and you shouldn’t download it. However, if you insist… keep reading to learn how.

Download Flash Directly From Adobe

Although Adobe has removed Flash Player from Play Store, the latest version of Flash Player for Android is still available via Adobe’s website — you just need to sideload it onto your device. Do the following to install Flash on Android:

Download Flash Using Flash Downloader

Flash Downloader is a third-party app by the people at Modaco. The process of installing Flash using Flash Downloader is almost exactly the same as the process mentioned above. The difference is Flash Downloader automatically downloads the Flash Player APK for Android as opposed to you having to manually grab it from Adobe’s website.

To install Flash Player for Android using Flash Downloader, do the following:


Although I still recommend *not* using Flash on Android, if you really want it, you now have it. Enjoy!