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Get a personalized email address that reflects your personality… for free

I bet everyone here has at least one @hotmail.com or @gmail.com or @yahoo.com or @aol.com or [insert generic email address here].com email – I know I do (although I am making the move away from generic email addresses to more customized ones). Well those generic emails are a thing of the past; in today’s world it is very easy to get a customized personal email such as iRcool@dottech.org. How would you like to stop using those generic emails and get a more personalized email address… for free? Come on I know you do.

The best way to get a customized email is to get your own domain and host email on it [1]. However, buying a domain costs money (although you can find offers [1] for the first year free) and setting up email on it can take a good amount of initial investment of time. So the next best way to get a free customized email is from Tunome:

2009-07-04_080955 [2]

Tunome is a free “custom email address” service sponsored by AOL. To put it simply, Tunome has hundreds of domains which you can chose from to create an email with, such as @asylum.com or @games.com or @luckymail.com. Best of all, as I already mentioned, Tunome is completely free.

Signing up with Tunome is very streamlined; it is just like if you were signing up for an Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo or AOL email. You can sign up in two different ways:

1) Enter the email you want and let Tunome suggest the domain to create it on:

2009-07-04_084425 [3]

2009-07-04_084602 [4]

2) Manually find the domain you desire and create your email:

2009-07-04_084705 [5]

2009-07-04_084902 [6]

2009-07-04_085125 [7]

2009-07-04_085007 [8]

If the domain you desire to have is not available on Tunome don’t worry – AOL is constantly adding new domains to Tunome so be sure to check back soon.

After you have created your email, you can login to check your email from mail.tunome.com. Or you can use an IMAP supported email client such as Microsoft Outlook. Since Tunome is sponsored by AOL the inbox and email system works such like an @aol.com or @aim.com email address.

Ladies and gents it is time to jump off the generic email bandwagon and go with Tunome (and/or your own domain =D).

Click here to visit Tunome.com [9]