Get a soothing bubble background with Bubble Live Wallpaper [Android]

There’s something nice about a simple live wallpaper. Bubble Live Wallpaper is a nice example of that: it’s incredibly simple, but at the same time almost relaxing. You can just sit back and stare at your homescreen, and even tap on the bubbles to pop them.

Bubble Live Wallpaper is a nice looking wallpaper. And, it’s functional too! You can tap on the bubbles in the background as a minimal form of stress relief. It also keeps track of the number of bubbles you’ve popped. It lets you make some basic changes, including the background image and bubble colors.

Aside from basic customization, Bubble Live Wallpaper has virtually no settings. It’s a nice little wallpaper, and that’s just about it. If you’re looking for a little wallpaper for your phone or tablet, Bubble Live Wallpaper is certainly worth a look.

Price: Free!

Version discovered: v2.1.0

Requires: Android 2.1+

Download size: 1.7MB

Bubble Live Wallpaper on Play Store

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