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These are (amazing) high-definition photos of Mars landscape


NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory sent to the Curiosity rover [2] to Mars. It landed in early August. Since then there have been many images sent back to Earth thanks to the various cameras NASA attached to the rover. One such example are the high-definition photos Curiosity’s Mars Descent Imager camera took while the rover was landing; if you remember, these photos were turned into a timelapse video [3]. Now we have more Mars photos to show you.

The following photos are from Curiosity. They are in high-definition as before but this time, instead of seeing Mars from atop, you get the see Mars [4] landscape, in color and black and white. Check it out (click on the images if you want to enlarge them):
















Don’t these photos strike awe in you? If these were photos of some place on Earth, they may not be so amazing. However, being from Mars, they are literally alien to this world which makes them so damn cool.

[Images via NASA/JPL]