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Many Google Play apps marked down to $0.99 this week, apps such as Max Payne, Beautiful Widgets, NOVA 3, Modern Combat 3, Business Calendar, and more [Android]


Google [2] often runs Google Play [3] promotions, discounting apps, games, and even movies, music, and magazines. The end of summer sees Google running a Google Play ‘End of Summer’ promotion that offers eighteen Android [4] apps for a discounted price of $0.99/0.69 euros.

This promotion lasts for a week and includes the following eighteen apps:

Interestingly enough, there are apps not featured in Google Play’s official ‘End of Summer’ promotion that have also dropped their price to $0.99. Apps such as Max Payne Mobile, Wordsmith, and ProCapture – Camera & Panorama have dropped their price to $0.99 either as an end of summer sale or a Labor Day promotion, despite not being featured in Google Play’s official list. Since there is no official list for these non-official-End-of-Summer promotion apps, I can’t tell you all the apps that have dropped their price because I don’t know. The best way to find them is search for them. Hit up the links below to get started.

Google Play official ‘End of Summer’ sale [5] | Other apps that have dropped their price [6]

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