Mark important moments in your voice recordings with Highlight by Cohdoo [iPhone]

Highlight by Cohdoo can simply transform your audio recordings. If you are a researcher, do a lot of interviews, listen to lectures, or do pretty much anything else with an audio recorder, this app could greatly boost your productivity. Picture yourself in school (or back in school) taking notes. The professor is flying through material and your lucky enough to get it all written down, let alone understand what is being said. You decide to record the professor with an audio recorder, but when you go over it later, you find it difficult to put it all together without the context of knowing what is important and what is not. That is where Highlight by Cohdoo takes over. It allows you to simply highlight any part of your audio with a simple click. So if you are at an important part of a lecture or some other recording, you simply just mark that spot (or any spot) instantaneously. When you eventually play back your recording, you can do so in full or just skip to the important highlighted spots. You can even add more highlights after the fact, in case something important needs to marked later.

I am quite impressed with the concept of this app. There are so many uses that I can think of for Highlight by Cohdoo that will make users much more productive. The app even allows you to upload to Dropbox, send via email, or copy to your computer with iTunes file sharing. There is also a companion app for MAC OSX.

Price: $4.99 (currently Free for a limited time)

Version discovered: 2.1.1

Requires: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad; iOS 5.0 and up

Download size: 5.2 MB

Highlight by Cohdoo on iTunes

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