Hide It Pro securely hides your photos and videos [iPhone]

Everybody enjoys their privacy now and again. Hide It Pro give you peace of mind when your phone is in another person’s hand. The app is quite simple as it contains two folders, photos and videos, each of which is equivalent to a password-protected vault. When you first open Hide It Pro, it asks you to create a pin code that only you will know. No matter whether it is the first time that day you opened the app or you just minimized the app’s screen, when the Hide It Pro is launched/relaunched, you MUST enter the pin code to enter/reenter the app. Both folders allow you to create custom folders, which can contain any amount of photos or videos you like. The media can be added from either of 3 sources, your camera roll, from iTunes, or from the camera directly. Hide It Pro also provides an extra feature for the photo section where you can play slideshows of your photos, with corresponding settings for duration and animation.

Hide It Pro is a very simple app with a small footprint. It is ad-supported and contains the option to upgrade to remove ads. I personally have seen many apps like Hide It Pro, because the App Market is saturated with them. They did a good job of keeping the app icon inconspicuous, which is always a plus, but overall I have seen better apps in this genre. In general, though, it is tough for these types of apps to do more to satisfy users when Apple has so many limitations in terms of security.

Price: Free

Version discovered: 1.0.1

Requires: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad; iOS 5.0 and up

Download size: 0.7 MB

Hide It Pro on iTunes

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