Like Hangman? Bring it to your Windows 8 computer or tablet with Doodle Hangman Free [Windows 8]

Do you remember playing hangman in class instead of learning boring ol’ algebra? Now, you can play against your computer with Doodle Hangman Free! It’s a fun little game that lets you choose the category, so you actually might have a chance to win.

Doodle Hangman Free starts off with a big ol’ Play button. That’s an indicator of how much time you’ll waste before you start playing a game: none. You click Play, you choose a category, and you go. There’s no messing around!

It gives you nine chances to guess words, which is actually a lot. First, you get a head, then a body, the two individual arms, the legs, a platform, and finally a large guy waiting to pull the trigger. After that, you’re dead–and the whole while, your stickman will be begging you for life. At the end of a game, you’ll be treated to a small, slow-loading ad, and then, you’ll get to play again.

Doodle Hangman Free is a fun little game. I’ve certainly seen more fun ones, but it’s overall a nice way to pass some time, and the animations are actually pretty funny. If you’re looking for yet another small game to install, try out Doodle Hangman Free.

Price: Free!

Last updated: Unknown

Supported OS: Windows 8

Supported processors: x86/x64/ARM

Download size: 10.1MB

Doodle Hangman Free on Windows Store

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