Keep track of, and manage, shared expenses easier with “iouo” [Android]

Bob paid for the $50 for the movie tickets, but Sue paid the $200 for the hotel rooms and John paid $100 for the food. If the three of them wanted to split the bill evenly, how would they go about doing it? There’s some math you can do by hand to figure it out, involving averages and subtraction, but there’s a free app that’ll do that all for you: iouo.

Iouo is split up into Events. For each event, certain people can pay for certain things: above, Bob paid for the tickets, Sue for the hotel, and John for the food. Iouo can handle much more complicated events, however: you can set up events where certain expenses are only distributed among certain people, for instance, and when you’re all done, it’ll spit out a very simple “who owns who what”.

There’s really nothing more to iouo than that. It’s a simple app, and one that can actually come in handy a lot. It’s not the kind of app you might leave sitting on your phone, but it’s genuinely useful, and worthy of an install when the moment arrives.

Price: Free!

Version discovered: v1.0.0

Requires: Android 2.2+

Download size: 224KB

iouo on Play Store

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