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Get full-screen, animated notifications that pop with Pops [Android]

Are you looking for superfluous animated notifications that take up your entire screen? You’ll love Pops. It’s a free app that lets you send and receive silly messages and notifications from your friends by both sending messages within the app and capturing the notifications of other apps.

The way Pops works is twofold: firstly, you can set an animation to show whenever you receive a notification from that person. This means that if the person texts you, emails you, or sends you a Facebook message, a pre-chosen animation of your choice will show. Secondly, you can send and receive the animated messages within the app. This lets your friends send you an eight bit pizza, and them to send you a dancing seven year old.

Pops is definitely very silly, and since it requires that both people have Pops installed to send and receive animations, it’s rather limited to a specific subset of only Android devices. Still, if you can convince a few people to install it, it might be kind of fun, and you can still use it to set animations for whenever anyone calls. Overall, it’s silly, free, and while it’s only a little useful, you might want to try it anyway.

Price: Free!

[1]Version discovered: v2.0.43.140

Requires: Android 2.2+

Download size: 7.3MB

Pops on Play Store [2]

[via The New York Times [3]]