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[Mac OS X] Take part in an epic battle in the action-adventure game Crow

[1]Crow is a game in which you control a crow to fly through an adventure-based storyline. This adventure game has stunning graphics that are incredibly realistic. Its kind of interesting that the developers chose a crow as the main character. It’s interesting because it makes the¬†aerial view make much more sense. In fact, the camera views and angles make this game very easy to play and actually very enjoyable. Unfortunately this game has a few shortcomings when you begin the actual gameplay.

The storyline of Crow is actually quite interesting, something you don’t find often in these types of games. It is all based on an epic battle that it taking place. You will be responsible for combating and exploring your way through this adventure game. The game is rather cool because you can make different choices that will directly effect the outcome of the game. I won’t give too much of the storyline away, but it is indeed fascinating and quite enjoyable to all ages. In addition, Crow actually has a pretty remarkable soundtrack. It is almost the perfect type of sound to match this style of adventure game.

There are a couple user interface choices that do not make for logical gameplay. For example, you move about by clicking on the location you want to go. I find that this game would be much more fun to play if you were able to continuously walk around by holding down a button, or something similar. This would make for much smoother gameplay because the current system is a bit awkward. In addition, I would prefer it if there was more talking and less reading involved. As it stands, you get the majorirty of information from reading. I think most of us will agree with that fact that lots of reading and games do not mix.

Overall I think Crow is an excellent game that can certainly be fun to people of all ages. However, for a game priced in the medium price range, I would expect just a little more from the user interface. Other than the minor UI complaints, this is really a solid game due to the unbelievable graphics. I personally think the fantastic graphics actually makes those user interface complaints much less important.

Price: $9.99

Version reviewed: 1.0

Supported OS: OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor

Download size: 411mb

Crow homepage [2]