[Mac OS X] Get the most out of your multi-monitor setup with Multimon

Multimon is a great application for those who have a multi-monitor setup on his or her Mac. This application takes the hassle and confusion of these setups out of the equation because it brings in features that should have been included by default. Once you see Multimon for the first time, you’ll certainly wonder why you haven’t had access to these features all along. However, Multimon does leave out one feature that keeps it from being the ultimate multi-monitor application.

Multimon brings logical and useful features to your multi-screen setup. It’s biggest claim to fame is that it will display a top menu bar on all additional screens you have connected. This is a huge feature that was left out of the stock OS. The rest of Multimon’s glory is in how it handles your windows. Multimon allows you to easily move a window from one screen to another all without that awkward dragging and resizing. Multimon does this by using convenient keyboard shortcuts that can be used to move or resize any window. In addition, Multimon lets you do a complete screen swap. This swap displays what’s on your left screen on your right screen and vice versa. The window management is seamless because Multimon supports automatic window resizing, meaning it automatically resizes windows to fit the resolution of the receiving screen. This is huge with a multi-monitor setup because moving and resizing windows is what makes having more than one monitor inconvenient.

One unfortunate aspect of Multimon is how it handles the extra menu bar. While it is nice that it displays a menu bar where there isn’t normally one, it doesn’t carry over the extra icons to the other screens — the icons you normally have on the menu bar. For example, if you have Google Music, Google Drive, or Dropbox services installed, the menu bar on the secondary screen won’t display these icons. This is really disappointing because it forces you have to go back to your primary screen if you want to use these features. This is extremely inconvenient when the information you want to add to interact with the extra icons is on your secondary monitor.

There is very little to not love about Multimon. It takes a simple and logical approach to a multi-monitor setup. Using this application will realistically improve your productivity because you will spend much less time worrying about window sizes and basic screen setup, and much more time worrying about your work that needs to get done. Although the secondary menu bar is a little disappointing, it doesn’t take away from the overall convenience of the application. Multimon is a must-have application for anybody with a multi-monitor setup.

Price: $1.99

Version reviewed: 1.21

Supported OS:

Download size: 2.5mb

Multimon on Mac App Store

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