[Android] Look up current and historic currency conversion rates with Money Informer

Going on an international business trip soon, and finding yourself freaked out about that currency conversion thing? Don’t! Money Informer is a free app that lets you know the current conversion rate between virtually any two countries in the world, and a chart of their historic exchange rates.

Money Informer has an easy enough interface. It’s definitely not going to win any design awards, though, and is generally not a good looking app. The ads pasted in at the bottom of the screen in the free version speak even worse of how the app looks. If you care about design, Money Informer is not the app for you.

To use Money Informer, first select two countries using the long, long lists contained within the small sliding boxes. If you know that you’ll be viewing that country a lot, tap the “I” button and then the star. This will save it as a favorite, making it easier to view conversion rates. You can also do a quick Google search on the country, and look it up on Wikipedia.

Of course, what use is a currency conversion app to most people? A lot of people spend their entire lives in one or a few countries, and most of them simply have no reason to download such an app. When they do, there are better solutions possible: for instance, in Jelly Bean and Google Now, you can get instant currency conversions just by asking Google how many of one currency there are in another. Still, Money Informer looks like a good enough app for anyone who likes to many different countries and doesn’t have the latest of Google’s glory.

Price: Free with $0.99 Pro key

Version discovered: v1.0

Requires: Android 2.2+

Download size: 3.0MB

Money Informer on Play Store

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