[iPhone] Clipboard Manager and History allows you to keep track of what you cut and copy

I always thought that the clipboard mechanics of most operating systems just didn’t make sense. Why is it that you are only allowed to paste the most recent item that was copied (or cut of course)? I didn’t even know there were options to enhance the clipboard until I came across Clipple for Firefox. It basically put the last 10 items copied into an item in the right-click menu (or toolbar). Since then I have been looking for a somewhat similar feature for my iPhone and I think I have found it with Clipboard Manager and History.

When you open the app, it automatically scans your iOS system clipboard for all copied items and displays the data into three different categories: text, URL, and/or images. You have the option of editing all items within the app manually, if you wanted something changed, as well as the ability to delete anything from the app. If you have a ton of items listed, there is sort mechanism that allows you to search the oldest or newest clipboard items. Clipboard Manager and History also allows you to send any clipboard item using email or SMS, and share any item to Twitter, Facebook, Readability, Pocket, and numerous other options.

Clipboard Manager and History is amazingly quick when it comes to keeping track of your system clipboard items. The scan upon entry produces new items almost instantaneously by showing a NEW tag on the categories that they fall in. A couple interesting tidbets is that Clipboard Manager and History allows to create an item from scratch and copy it to the system clipboard. So if you are looking to paste something many different times and therefore wanted it in the system clipboard, there is now a clever way to do it. That is great option for power users who depend on a high level of productivity. It is also worth mentioning that the app has a 4-digit passcode due to the sensitive nature of what you could have copied along the way, including important banking information, passwords, or other things you don’t want people to read/see.

Price: $0.99

Version discovered: 2.6.0

Requires: iPh0ne/iPod Touch/iPad; iOS 4.3 and up

Download size: 16.6 MB

Clipboard Manager and History on iTunes

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