[Android] Can’t hear your own phone? Increase the volume of your speakers and headphones with Volume+

Many phones max out at a pathetically low volume level. Is yours one of them? Don’t try to strain yourself to hear it anymore–Volume+ is a free app that’s here to help. It raises your volume level by exploiting Android’s native equalizer settings and artificially boosting the volume.

Volume+ is painless to use. It’s as simple as choosing which output you want to boost–speakers, headset, or Bluetooth–and choosing boost settings. It’s more than just volume boost, however, and offers EQ presets, EQ settings, and even a Beats for Audio style Bass Boost.

It pays to be careful with Volume+. Though you may find it annoying to have the volume so low, it can be dangerous to both your ears and to your speakers to have the volume set above the original maximum, as the speakers were probably not designed for such high volume levels and your ears can suffer from temporary or permanent hearing damage.

If you’re interested in Volume+, the full version is definitely the way to go. Though it’s available on Google Play for $1.99, it’s actually also available on the developers’ website for free with registration. It allows you to unlock all of the settings, including the top half of the volume boost levels.

Many devices come from the factory producing much too little sound, but Volume+ changes that. It’s definitely a must-have for anyone with a quiet device, and the full version includes a vast swath of settings for you to play with. Volume+ is a free app, and might easily find a permanent home on your device.

Price: Free with $1.99 upgrade

Version discovered: v1.7.3

Requires: Android 2.3-4.0

Download size: 85KB

Volume+ (trial) on Play Store | Volume+ (full) on AndroidAudioHacks

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