[iPhone, iPad] Combining aspects of Pinterest and Facebook, Springpad brings social networking to a whole new level

Springpad is everything we have seen in the social networks, yet it is something we haven’t seen yet. I’m not sure why I haven’t heard about it till now. To give you an idea of what it does, Springpad is Pinbook, i.e. Pinterest + Facebook.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

Who describes an app better than its developers:

Springpad is an amazing way to save, share and act on what’s important to you. Save what you love, organise it into smart notebooks, collaborate with others and share it with the world.

In other words, SpringPad allows you to store content (images, text, videos, audios, etc.) into “notebooks” and then share those “notebooks” with friends and family. Think of it like an online journal.


  • Premium looking interface
  • Whenever you add an item to your notebook, more details on the item popup
  • Supports collaboration with friends and relatives, over SpringPad plus options to share to Facebook and Twitter
  • No ads


  • Takes some time getting used to the system
  • Boring without a lot of friends with similar interests


The concept for this app is clearly taken from Pinterest and includes some features from Facebook and StumbleUpon as well. Once you sign up for an account, you can select the niches of your interest like Books, Local Restaurants, Gadgets Wish list, Recipes, etc. These categories becomes your Notebooks. You can select each Notebook and suggestions of most popular Springs (content) in that niche welcomes you. You can Spring it! articles to add to your Notebook, browse for your own Springs, or create your own Springs.

Collaboration features help you to share your notebooks with family, friends, co workers, etc.. Also springing to Facebook and Twitter is supported.

Springboard is available on the web, on iOS and on Android. So, it is possible that your girlfriend already has an account, in which case: what are you waiting for?! Friends and their interactions are what makes this app amazing.

On the flip side, it does take some getting used to use this app. However, that is quiet common when it comes to social networks. I still remember shifting from Orkut to Facebook and I am sure none of us (myself included) still understand Google+.

Conclusion and download link

I suggest that you get this app and spend some time with it. If you like the idea of Notebooks and Springs, go ahead and invite all those in your contact list and start having fun.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 3.0.9

Requires iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad (fully compatible) with iOS 4.3 and up.

Download size: 12.2 MB

Springpad on iTunes

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