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Ever seen dancing giraffes before? Now you can [Amazing Photo of the Day]

At the risk of sounding like a broken trashed record, I must say that here on dotTech we love featuring photos (or images, for those of you “that probably is not real” folk that get irked by me referring to Photoshopped art as photos) of animals in our daily Amazing Photo of the Day [1] segment. Keeping with tradition, today we have another animal photo to show you. These, however, aren’t your average animals.

The following is a photo of dancing giraffes. Seeing as it is probably photoshopped, technically I should be referring to the following as digital art or an image… but I just loving pissing people off. Check it out:


I wonder what they are dancing to.

(Anyone that wants a high resolution [1920×1080] version of the photo can purchase it for $2.99 from the credit link below.)

[Image credit: Matt West [3]]