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Windows 8 Pro Microsoft Surface tablet is confirmed to cost $899 and up, available in January


Feel the $499 and up price tag for Surface RT is outrageous? You may throw a fit after hearing what Surface 8 Pro is going to sell for. I’ll give you a hint — it starts at $899.

Microsoft [2] has officially confirmed the Windows 8 Pro version of Microsoft Surface tablets [3]is going to start at $899 for the 64GB version and $999 for the 128GB version. Anyone that wants one of those awesome touch covers will need to pay another $120 extra, unless Microsoft introduces a bundle like it with with Surface RT in which case it may only cost $100 extra.

Both versions of the Surface 8 Pro are WiFi-only at the moment, come with a stylus, and have:

Both versions will be available for sale in January of 2013.

For those that don’t know, the biggest difference between Surface RT and Surface 8 Pro (aside from the price) is Surface 8 Pro comes with “full” Windows — any software limitations of Windows RT on Surface RT, namely the inability to run non-Windows-Store or legacy apps, are not present on Surface 8 Pro’s Windows 8 Pro. In other words, essentially Surface 8 Pro is an Ultrabook but in tablet form.

In fact, with a bahamut weight of 2 lbs, thickness of just over half an inch, and $899+ price tag, I’d say it is more Ultrabook than a tablet. (For reference, iPad 4 [4] weighs 1.44 lbs and is 0.37 inches thick while Nexus 10 [5] weighs 1.33 lbs and is 0.35 inches thick.) However, unless you purchase a mouse and keyboard to go along with it, Surface 8 Pro will never be as useful for productivity as an Ultrabook. You just cannot work as well using touch gestures and on-screen keyboard as you can with a physical keyboard and mouse. Well, with the exception of finger painting.

…Okay, I admit, there are somethings that can be done better with a touchscreen, especially if you have a stylus, than a traditional laptop. However, at $899 I’m sure there are better alternatives out there than Surface 8 Pro.

Anyone plan on getting the Surface 8 Pro? Or maybe a different Windows 8 Pro tablet from a different manufacturer? Let us know in the comments [6] below!