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[Windows 8] How to resize window border

Windows 8 provides two environments which are totally different in the purpose – one is optimize for touch user with fingers and another is for using with mouse and keyboard. But sometimes, a tablet user may also want to use Desktop environment to do something such as file browsing and using advanced settings. At this point, a problem is raised because of the size of the fingers – they are too big to easily work with desktop windows. Therefore, in this article, I will show you how to change the border size of the window in order to help you move or resize the windows easier.


Note: before we go, I have to notice that this is a treat with Registry system, which is a very sensitive part of Windows. If you do something wrong, your Windows may works unstable. So that, I recommend that you should create a System Restore point or back up the Registry and your files.

To change Window’s border size, you need to follow these steps.





I remember the first time I tried using a Windows 7 tablet, I thought how I could work with these tiny windows. Thanks to this treat, I finally know how to resize the window border size. However, if you are not using Windows 8, you can easily do this job without touching the Registry system. Again, Windows 8 makes us more difficult to do what we already knew.