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Extremely scary transparent glass walkway above Tianmen Mountain in China [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Here on dotTech, we may be afraid of heights (and by “we” I mean Ashraf) but we aren’t afraid of sharing photos that show the heights we scared of. Indeed, we have seen a flimsy looking path above a deep gorge in China [1]. We have seen a glass balcony in Chicago [2]. We have seen dinner in the sky [3]. We have seen camping in the sky [4]. And more. Now let’s look at something new Ashraf will likely never walk on — a glass walkway above a mountain in China.

Check out the following photo; it is of a glass walkway above Tianmen Mountain in China (technically the glass walkway is on [attached to] Tianmen Mountain, not above):

glasswalk_way_china [5]

…Yep, not going there. How about you? Let us know in the comments [6] below!

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