[Android] Boost battery life with Deep Sleep Battery Saver

unnamed (44)Deep Sleep Battery Saver is an app that aims to improve your overall battery life. This app is perfect for power users who are constantly using their devices and subsequently, constantly running out of battery life. It is also great for those who simply forget to plug in their phones so they can have a little more power to work with.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

This app is designed to increase the amount of time your device sleeps, ultimately saving you battery life. It then wakes your device to download appropriate content.


  • Pre-defined profiles
  • Custom profile settings
  • General behavioral settings


  • Disables important services
  • Some bugs
  • Custom profiles are available in paid Pro version only


unnamed (45)Deep Sleep Battery Saver is an app that uses a unique approach to saving your battery life. This app will essentially put your phone to sleep every time your screen turns off. This means that your WiFi, GPS, and 3G signals will not work. The app then periodically wakes your phone up to download data like emails and messages. The frequency and duration of wake ups is defined by settings you decide on. This can be a hassle sometimes because it means you will not receive messages at the exact time you are supposed to. The majority of your communication will be done over a slight delay.

You can bounce between five profiles: Gentle, Balance, Strong, Aggressive, and Slumberer. Each will change the way the app saves your battery. Each profile can also be highly customized. You will be able to modify things like wake frequency and duration, days of the week in which the profile will be active, and even which connections remain on and which connections will be disabled during sleep. You can also create a list of apps that won’t be affected by the app in addition to mapping out a data threshold.

There are also more simpler settings that you can modify. These will allow you to set a screen delay function so that you can control how long the app should wait before it puts your phone to sleep. You will also be able to tell the app to ignore recent apps seeing as those are probably not sucking up as much juice as your veteran apps. You also get access to specific sync settings. This will allow you to control which services will and will not be synced for any given profile.

Conclusion and download link

Overall, this is app is quite a life saver (no pun intended). It uses a unique method of saving your battery life that isn’t used as dramatically in any other app. The fact that it offers you so much control when it comes to tweaking and customizing, that you should never have a service inconveniently turned off when you want it on. This fact makes it incredibly plausible to squeeze as much juice out of your device as possible.

Price: Free, $1.31 (Pro)

Version reviewed: 1.21

Requires: Android 2.1

Download size: 1mb

Deep Sleep Better Saver on Play Store

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