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Gameloft slashes Android and iOS games down to 99 cents

gameloftsale [1]

One of the best parts of gaming is the holiday sales, its the best time to pick up those games you may have been eyeing but could never justify putting down the cash for. If those games happen made by Gameloft, there will probably be no better time to splurge but now! Most of their games have been brought down to the impulse-inducing price of only 99 cents.

Games as recent as N.O.V.A. 3 and The Dark Knight — and normally priced at $6.99, are part of the sale. Unfortunately, not all their titles are discounted as games like Modern Combat 4 remain at full price. However, the games that are on sale are recent enough and have some decent ones among the bunch that are definitely worth the purchase. For those of you who have just got new phones or tablets, this is the perfect opportunity to grab some games on the cheap.

nova3 [2]

As a big gamer myself, I’d just like to say, grab N.O.V.A. 3  at this price. It’s definitely a steal.

Hit up your respective app stores to grab the games.

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