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Awesome art in Sweden’s underground train stations [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Back in the 1950s, Stockholm Metro (the train company in Stockholm, Sweden) started allowing arts to paint the underground train stations. Flash forward to 2013 and many of Stockholm Metro’s stations are filled with beautiful art that will appease even the most critical of eyes. There is so much art in these stations, Stockholm Metro’s stations are considered to be the world’s largest art exhibit — 90 out of 100 stations have ’em. Here are just a few of those stations; check it out:

stockholm_metro_8 [1]

stockholm_metro_5 [2]

stockholm_metro_4 [3]

stockholm_metro_3 [4]

stockholm_metro_2 [5]

stockholm_metro_7 [6]

stockholm_metro_9 [7]

stockholm_metro_6 [8]

stockholm_metro_1 [9]

Cool, no?

[via MyModernMet [10], photo credit: Alexander Dragunov [11]]