[Android] Lep’s World is a fun side-scrolling throwback

lepsworldsmallLep’s World is a side-scrolling adventure game for Android that’s going to seem very familiar the second you jump into it, but that doesn’t mean it’s just another clone of a classic game. Instead, it creates its own universe that’s both visually appealing and entertaining.


Main Functionality

Lep’s World is designed to be a fun and fast-paced side scrolling adventure, similar to those that you would have seen all the time on consoles from the 90’s. The goal is to collect coins, pots o’ gold, and nuts for throwing.


  • Fantastic graphics lepsworld1
  • Solid and smooth gameplay
  • Retro 8-bit music
  • Good balance
  • Good for all ages


  • Limited challenge for experienced players
  • Hit detection not perfect
  • Hitting “Check it out later” on Lep’s World 2 in-game ads doesn’t always work


lepsworld2Side-scrolling adventure games are everywhere it seems like, especially since they seem to play so well on modern phones and tablets. Lep’s Wold is certainly one of the best around, it combines a great looking game with solid gameplay in a way reminiscent of 90’s Nintendo games. The game opens with an storybook style introduction with no words or text, but it gets the point across. You’re a leprechaun and there’s some gold to be found.

One interesting level style has you running at basically top speed the whole map with no control except for jumping and throwing nuts at enemies. There are classic moves involved too, such as the double jump, coin collecting, and busting blocks. You finish each level by running into the end of a rainbow, which may seem predictable but it works great for this game. There’s also a timer at the top that technically you are racing against, just like the old-school games of this style, but for the most part it’s just there for extra points at the end of the level.

The game is free, so there are ads at the bottom of some screens and sometimes they do accidentally get touched. It’s annoying, but it’s also acceptable for an ad supported free game.


This is a great game — perhaps the best side-scroller available for free on the Android OS. Kids love, adults love it, and everyone in-between will probably enjoy this game.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.8

Requires: Android 2.1 and up

Download size: 11mb

Lep’s World on Google Play Store


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