How different age groups feel about different technologies [Comic]

The other day I was thinking about how complex programming has become today and how much easier it was back in the day when writing a ‘Hello World’ program was considered genius. I then commented to my wife on the matter and proceeded to ponder on the issue when I realized 50 years from now, quantum physics will probably be grade school content whereas it is out-of-this-world for us (quite literally, in some cases). I finally came to the realization that, as technology and human knowledge advance, what is “easy” today was not-so-easy a few years back and what is “hard” today is probably yes-so-easy in the future.

Why exactly am I sharing this philosophical moment with you? Because it relates to the following comic, which shows how different age groups view different technologies. Check it out:


So true.

[via Manu Cornet]

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