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This little French girl is the real world version of Tarzan [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Tippi Degré is French. However, her parents were (are) wildlife photographer parents so she spent much of her childhood in Namibia where her parents did their work. In Namibia, Tippi lived a life most people would only attribute to the fictional Tarzan; playing with wild animals, hugging wild animals, feeding wild animals, etc. In fact, she formed such a strong bond with the animals, she has been quoted as: “I don’t have friends here. Because I never see children. So the animals are my friends.”

Because her parents were (are) photographers, they were able to document Tippi’s amazing childhood. The following photos and videos are of Tippi and her interaction with the wild animals of Namibia. The photos and videos are, to say the least, stunning. Check it out:

tippi_1 [1]

tippi_10 [2]

tippi_11 [3]

tippi_12 [4]

tippi_13 [5]

tippi_2 [6]

tippi_3 [7]

tippi_4 [8]

tippi_5 [9]

tippi_6 [10]

tippi_7 [11]

tippi_8 [12]

tippi_9 [13]


Tippi was born in 1990 and the above photos/videos are of her childhood during the early to mid 90s. Since leaving Africa, Tippi and her parents have released various books and documentaries, which you can buy or watch if you want to learn more about Tippi and her parents.

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