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[Windows 8] How to automatically login on startup at the Login Screen

As you already known, once your Windows 8 account has a password, you have to enter that password every time you awake the computer or tablet from sleep mode or you turn it on. If you find having to manually login every time annoying, in this article I will show you how to automatically login into your account whenever you boot up your computer or tablet.

Take note a side effect of this trick is you will now also bypass the Lock Screen. If you want to disable the Lock screen only (and not automatically login), read this guide [1] to learn how. Also take note this trick only automatically logs you in when you turn on your computer or tablet from shutdown or restart; that mean when you wake up the computer from sleep or hibernate mode, you have to enter the password to login in — this trick doesn’t apply for them.


To do this tip, you should follow these steps:

0120-1 [2]

0120-2 [3]

0120-3 [4]