[Android] Easily keep track of your tasks with EasyTodo

unnamed (8)EasyTodo is an app that aims to simplify your life by providing a central place to keep track of all of your tasks and todos. This app is great for those who use Google Tasks frequently, but haven’t quite found a suitable app to use regularly. It is also great for those who currently use paper lists and are looking to make the jump to virtual based todos for convenience or environmental reasons.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

This app really aims to simply give you an intuitive interface to make managing your tasks more enjoyable and easy. It does so by aiming to provide a simple service without any distractions or unnecessary features and eye candy.


  • Simple and professional interface
  • Provides all expected task features
  • Automatically detects actions within tasks
  • Add tasks by voice
  • Syncs with Google Tasks
  • Adds birthdays and missed calls automatically


  • Some stability issues


unnamed (9)There are plenty of apps out there that take advantage of Google Tasks. Unfortunately, most of them are either too simple or try to do too much and just end up becoming bloated. It seems you either get an app that can only show lists, or an app that tries to incorporate calendar events as well.  Released earlier this year, EasyTodo aims to only tackle tasks, that’s it. As a result, the developers have been able to focus on doing one action well and intuitively. The app has grown into one of the most polished task-managers on Android by intelligently choosing what to include and what not include.

As expected, you will get all of the typical features that come along with typical task managers. For example, you can easily prioritize tasks and categorize them anyway you see fit. You can sort them by a variety of different filters such as date, list, and priority. You can easily set up reminders and have them remind you a single time or multiple times according to your preference. You will also be able to share tasks with anyone you want while enjoying a fully functional widget on your homescreen.

To take things even further, the interface is intelligently designed to accommodate natural gestures when it comes to checking off tasks. Additionally, the app will automatically detect actions within your tasks such as calling or text messaging. For example, if you wanted to remind yourself to call a family member, then EasyTodo will automatically recognize this and provide a way to do so within the actual task. The app will also automatically add missed calls and birthdays to your tasks so you never forget to call your friends and family. Additionally, the app has full voice functionality and supports adding a task using your own voice.

Conclusion and download link

Because EasyTodo kept their ambitions low, they were able to achieve intuitive task management almost flawlessly. Aside from a couple of force closes here and there, there isn’t a single negative aspect about this app. The only downside would be if a user didn’t like the look and feel of the app perhaps, but that is highly unlikely. While the app is still in its infancy, there is no doubt that the app has the potential to rise to the top rather quickly.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.0.1

Requires: Android 2.3.3 and up

Download size: 3mb

EasyTodo on Play Store

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