Twitter unveils Vine, the video version of a 140-character tweet


Twitter purchased Vine back in October before the company could launch any products. But lo and behold, in a little under 3 months, Twitter is launching the Vine app — and it shares video in your tweets!

The whole idea of Vine is similar to that of Twitter in that it’s meant to be quick and very short-form. Tweets have a 140-character limit, and videos shot with Vine have a total elapsed time of  6 seconds. Once you’ve shot your video, you can embed them in your tweets, just like you’ve done with images oh so many times before:

The videos also constantly loop, and The Verge notes that this could easily end up becoming the next great GIF-creation tool — I’d have to agree completely.

Vine is now available for free only on iOS, but Twitter says that it’s working to bring the app to more platforms. If you’ve got an iOS device, download Vine at the link below and try it out yourself!

Vine on Apple App Store

[via The Verge]

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