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[Windows 8] How to reinstall Windows Store apps that you uninstalled

As you probably already know, there are two types of apps in Windows 8 – desktop apps (traditional software) and Windows Store apps. To help users become accustomed with Windows Store apps, Windows 8 PCs and tablets come with dozens of preinstalled apps. For example, you may notice many Bing apps (News, Bing, Finance, Sport) and essential apps such as Photos, Music, and Video. However, when you work with Windows 8, you may have decided to uninstall these preloaded apps. The same goes for any apps your downloaded yourself; you may have decided to uninstall them at a later date.

In this article I will show you how to easily and quickly reinstall any Windows 8 apps that you might have uninstalled; that includes apps you downloaded yourself and uninstalled later and preloaded apps that you uninstalled.


Generally, when you install a Windows Store app, your ‘purchase’ (a purchase can be free or paid) will be saved to your Microsoft Account; so you can install your Windows Store apps on any computer that is logged into your Microsoft Account. We will use this same functionality to help you reinstall apps that you had installed previously. I will in particular point out how to identify preloaded apps.

To reinstall Windows Store apps that you have uninstalled previously, you need to follow these steps:

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You may know that users can use their apps between devices, and now you know how to find and organize your Windows Store apps quickly and easily. Enjoy!