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[Windows 8] How to block access to your location by websites in Internet Explorer 10 and other Windows Store apps

Nowadays on the Internet, privacy is the most sensitive thing to everyone. However, websites want every piece of your information for their purposes (usually for advertising goals); even it’s your location. Yes, your location! Most of current popular web browsers have the ability to track your location. However, the websites need your permission first.

If you are tired of being asked for your location, especially in Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) and Windows 8, this is the article you want to read. In this article, I will show you how to prevent websites and Windows Store apps from getting your location information in Windows 8.


As you already known, there are two versions of IE10 in Windows 8 and it doesn’t matter which version you use to disable location permission; because it will take effect on both.

For desktop IE10

To do this, you should follow these steps.

0205-1 [1]

For Modern (Metro) IE10

First of all, you should open Modern IE10 by its tile on the Start screen then do following steps.

0205-4 [2]


The tip above is just apply for IE10. If you want to turn off location services for the entire system, you can do the following.

0205-2 [3]

Note: when you have disabled location service, that means the system is now lacked the ability of tracking your location. Even you didn’t turn off location in IE10, it now can’t access the location.

However, you may want to turn off both location options in IE10 and in PC Settings because once you has just disabled in PC Settings and left the option in IE10 on, you will get more disturbance than normal. For example, when I click “Show my location” in Google Maps website, I will be asked for allowing it to get my location by IE. If I choose “Allow,” there will be a system dialog that asks me to turn on location service. Therefore, I need to turn both options off.

0205-3 [4]


Enjoy and hope you can keep yourself safe on the Internet.