This guy is sitting in Starbucks, using the free WiFi. On his desktop. [Image]

I am not sure how if the same holds true outside the United States or not, but here in the USA most Starbucks stores have free WiFi for the public to use. The idea is people can sit at Starbucks and use the WiFi on their laptops or mobile devices… and hopefully buy some coffee or food in the process. However, the person in the following image didn’t get the memo about WiFi for laptops and mobile devices. Check it out:


Is that porn he is watching? Or maybe he is skyping his mom. Yeah, I’m sure he is skyping his mom. It also looks like he has a laptop on his lap, but I cannot tell for sure.

(P.S. I don’t know for sure this is a guy and not a gal. I’m just guessing.)

[via Reddit]

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