Man orders a $47.30 cup of coffee at Starbucks, sets record for world’s most expensive Starbucks drink


When you go to Starbucks, how much does your coffee typically cost? Somewhere between $4 and $8, I bet. Beau Chevassus decided he wasn’t going to be normal. Instead, he wanted to beat the record for world’s most expensive Starbucks drink which — at the time — stood at $23.60. And he didn’t just beat it. He smashed it.

receipt_proofAt a local Starbucks in Washington (the state, not the city), Chevassus ordered himself what he is calling ‘Quadriginoctuple Frap’: “48 shots in a venti mocha frappuccino with soy mocha drizzle, matcha powder, protein powder, caramel brûlée topping, strawberries, two bananas, caramel drizzle frappuccino chips, and vanilla bean”. The total? $47.30.

Some of you must be wondering: “It isn’t possible to fit so many shots in a regular cup available at Starbucks”. And you are right, it isn’t possible. The catch is Chevassus didn’t use a regular Starbucks cup. Rather, he brought his own 52oz coffee mug and had the Starbucks crew fill it up.

It should also be noted Chevassus didn’t actually pay $47.30. He received this cup of coffee as part of his free birthday coffee that Starbucks apparently offers people. So he ended up paying $0 and walked out with a world record and a lot of coffee. (Note: He asked permission of the manager beforehand so as to not be a jerk.)

The video below shows it all going down. Check it out:

What I have to know is, how the hell can someone drink so much coffee…?

[via Mashable]

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